Knowi Arret (Knøwï Vïnna Terra - born, 437 AD - disappeared June 21, 1989 TT, declared dead June 21, 1995) was an early Terran inhabitant that was allegedly kidnapped by the X5-TY-CT Metalloid Model Dea Dia and became statistically the longest living humanoid from Terra.   

  2.1 Terrorism accusations

  2.2 Fugitive life

  2.3 Arrest & Trail

  2.4 Faisco, Faisco, Faisco

  2.5 The Opera City Hostage

  2.6 Halma Energy Transit Disaster

  2.7 Psychologically accuited, cases dropped

3. Controversies

  3.1 Danmar evaluations

  3.2 Being called a hero

  3.2 Never There conspiracy

  3.3 PK-99 & PK 101 conspiracy

  3.4 SCR appearances


A digital representation of the planet Mea, the ancestral homeworld of the Meaya species. This rendition image of Mea showcases its striking geological features, including its vast oceans, continental islands and the mythical Great Way.

It was believed that the Great Way was mostly used by travelers from different star systems seeking enlightenment. While crossing the mega island, visitors would be accompanied by a Meayana guide.




Terrestrial planet





1 | Early Life

Born on the planet Terra in the northern hemisphere during a migration period, Arret saw a live of hardship early on. Having to deal with the labors of the lands, working with cattle while enduring a lower temperature climate. A time on Terra where there was no access to advanced technology. The local cultures had elaborate mythologies that became part of their lives and interactions. Arret has been seen wearing a necklace and bracelet supposedly referring to the pagan believes from her time on Terra.