Knowi Arret

Knowi Arret (Knøwï Vïnna Terra - born, 437 AD - disappeared June 21, 1989 TT, declared dead June 21, 1995) was an early Terran inhabitant that was allegedly kidnapped by the X5-TY-CT Metalloid Model Dea Dia and became statistically the longest living humanoid from Terra.   

2 Rebellion & Trails

  2.1 Terrorism accusations

  2.2 Fugitive life

  2.3 Arrest & Trail

  2.4 Faisco, Faisco, Faisco

  2.5 The Opera City Hostage

  2.6 Halma Energy Transit Disaster

  2.7 Psychologically accuited, cases dropped

3. Controversies

  3.1 Danmar evaluations

  3.2 Being called a hero

  3.2 Never There conspiracy

  3.3 PK-99 & PK 101 conspiracy

  3.4 SCR appearances

A digitial reprint of a profile-sketch of Knowi Arret, from the storied police Station 45 on Melca. The original print sold for 3.1 million Una at the Belvadir Auction on Belvadir


Knøwï [Arret] 1.116.422.841 SUT/ 437 AD TT, Frösslunda sjömark, Öland, Sweden.


Disappeared 1.116.427.735 SUT / 1989  AD TT, last seen in Adcama City on Viieen.


Declared dead in absentia, 1.116.427.754 SUT / 1995 AD TT.

Known for

Aid in the Hostage of Opera City, Criminal Syndicate involvement, Media sensation.

1 | Early Life

Born on the planet Terra in the northern hemisphere during a migration period, Arret saw a live of hardship early on. Having to deal with the labors of the lands, working with cattle while enduring a lower temperature climate. A time on Terra where there was no access to advanced technology. The local cultures had elaborate mythologies that became part of their lives and interactions. Arret has been seen wearing a necklace and bracelet supposedly referring to the pagan believes from her time on Terra.