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* These numbers reflect only the artworks that have been put up for sale or a commerce service was actually provided. There are many more artworks and bulks of hours in getting there.


Etnicea makes sure there is little to no paper waste. Mainly because the specific Fine Art cotton paper that is being used is very expensive and of S-tier quality. Prints are always combined with others. Paper remains are given to people who love to paint or draw and like to test their skills on new and different materials. 

Etnicea prints are home-made. Restoration and colorization methods are also self-developed since 2018 and on. Through a passion for (family-)history this service came into existence. 

Down here you can read all about the how its done, price make-up, techniques and methodes and the motivation. 

Etnicea wants to 

be a House-Hold name

Affordable, fast and eye catching restored art. Famous or not. With the most suitable high quality Fine Art cotton-paper Etnicea makes prints look like the real deal. Years of practice, trails and error to bring it closer home for everyone.

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Colorization Projects

Currently the Olympian Expositon is being worked out. This colorization proces takes up many hours. Some over 100+. Becasue there is no quick result (within a few hours), restoration projects often become intermezzos. 

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Pricing, paper, quality etc... 

All your questions answered about what makes up the prices, what kinds of papers are being used and why. And what about quality assurance? Search no more and click here.

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Premium or Unique Prints?

Premium prints are time bound, depending on the volume of the webshop and sales. Unique prints however, you can be sure there is only one restored version in that particular size. Being able to offer something unique and special is also a part of art. 

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Restoring old artworks 

Restoring old drawings, etches and paintings is a fun proces. You get to appreciate the works as a whole, but also see and learn about details and build-up of the artwork. The process is complete after some research for the description provided with the artwork. 

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Get some of your old family photographs restored or colorized. Or look for that amazing painting you saw in a museum. Perhaps it can hang in your home, restored.

How about a start at the Rijksmuseum? 


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Etnicea.


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