The Art Archives

A list of the past.

These works have been either sold or gifted.

Every artwork that passes through the Belvadir Auction and are no longer available can be found back here.

Palacio de Belles Artes - Gifted

Circea, La Montagna All' Alba (Blue) - Gifted

Carpes et Autres Poissons - Sold

Blije Olifant - Sold

La Esquina Roja - Sold

Giraffe - Sold

Jacqueline Ricket - Sold

Eight Ways - Sold

Emily Dickinson - The Battlefield - Sold

Etnicea loves to share artwork with the world. The collection features a wide variety of graphic designs, from logos to illustrations and everything in between. Etnicea believes that life is too short not to share with others, and that creating a community of reciprocity is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. A little secret: some artworks will never be online. Instead, you might find one a Christmas Day in a train heading south from the North of The Netherlands. Just laying there on a seat, waiting to be picked up.

It might sound boring... 

But want to find out the original meaning of "Commerce"?