The Internet Journey is a curated collection of fascinating and innovative websites that, for one reason or another, remain largely undiscovered by many. There are so many cool things. 

But that's about to change.

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||| Music Journey|||

Broaden your playlists

Live tracking of many things

Reality beyond Earth

Get into ancient words

An expanding collection

||| Music Journey|||

Broaden your playlists

Radio Garden

Radio around the world


Let AI find new music

Music Map

Find similar favorite music

Explore live radio,

rotate the globe.

Try it!

Let AI help you

find a new band. 

It's amazing!

This helps you

find similar music

Enjoy more!

||| Planet Earth |||

Track the sky, sea and ground


Planetary Climate Overview

USGS Quakes

Global Earthquake monitor

Earth Scope

Global Seismic Monitor

The Deep Sea

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Flight Radar 24

Planetary airplane overview

Marine Traffic

Planetary Marine traffic overview

Earth Cam

Sights from all over the world

Live weather

Live temperatures

Simply amazing!


Earthquake Monitors

Have a look!

What's shaking?

Live geophysics

Observe it!

Life always finds a way

In The Deep Sea

Dive under!

Want to see some planes? 

Or a lot..?

Check this out!

Want to see some boats?

Or lots of them..?

Sail away!

Lets sit in our chairs.

And just watch. 


||| The Universe |||

Reality beyond Earth


Astronomy picture of the day

Eyes of NASA

Learn about space


Explore star formations

Scale of the Universe

Zoom in and out to the max.

Webb Space Telescope

The latest images

Astronomy Pictures

of the Day

Every Day!

Eye's of Nasa

Astroids, Planets, Live!

You'll love this!

Interactive Learning

Choose a Topic

Much to view!

Universe Scale

Zoom In and Out!

Jeez..what a world!

James Webb 


Latest Images!

Prime Languages

Sanskrit-Latin-PostGE - Pita to Father_Banner_Banner_01

Wait, wait, wait!!! I know this sounds pretty boring. I know! BUT! We use words every day for thousands of years. They came from somewhere, evolved over time. Try words like: Nasa in Hebrew, or Father in Sanskrit!

Hima, means 'Snow' 

Laya, means 'Abode' 

Easy huh!

The ancient roots of Hebrew are to be enjoyed and learned! 

Learn it with us! 

All Mayan languages

Kiche is most common

So beautiful!

Nahuatl (Aztec)


Preserve the knowledge!

Collective History

A selection of websites that instanly shows you images and information about crucial artifacts, cultures and civilizations of our collective history.

The Rich History

of Ancient Middle East

What a long way!

The Rijksstudio of the

Dutch Rijksmuseum

A collection of historical art!

Digital Resources 

From South Asia

The vast and long history

of South Asia. 

The British Digital Library

Fast-Tracked via Flickr

A vast collection!

A huge mix of history

from all over the world.

There really is a lot here!