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All prints are printed in the Etnicea Studio.

Restoration Work

I specialize in restoring old etches, monographs, and engravings for Digital Museum Platforms. My goal is to bring these artworks and photographs back to their original style, preserving their historical significance.

Using multiple digital tools I carefully restore each piece with attention to detail. From repairing minor damages to reviving colors and details. Often time 'brushing of the dust' is not enough. Through a multiple layered color-bleding process I strive to restore life into these treasured works. And to make them a bit more special, I restore just one per piece. That way you also have something unique in your home. 


The restoration process involves a combination of technical expertise and artistic sensibility. I analyze each piece, researching its historical context to ensure an accurate restoration that honors the original vision. I focus on recreating the artwork's essence, reviving its details, textures, and nuances.

I love to contribute to the accessibility of art and history. It's a rewarding experience to see these restored works displayed, allowing viewers and owners to connect with the past and appreciate the craftsmanship of earlier eras.

If you have old etches, monographs, or engravings in need of restoration I would be delighted to assist you. Contact me to discuss your project, and together we can bring these remarkable artworks back to life and ensure their legacy endures for generations to come.

On this website you can find and choose your own old artwork and have it restored, colorized or upscaled! 

The Rijksstudio of the

Dutch Rijksmuseum

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